Design Sprint Certification Program

A 5-day interactive learning experience to upskill your internal coaches and spread design sprints within your organization.

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Why build a team of facilitators

Start a wave of change

Start an original wave of change and build momentum by getting your internal expert team familiar with effective, fast, repeatable processes that solve complex business problems and boost creativity.

Create a ripple effect

With our Design Sprint Certification Program, your internal coaches will gain the right knowledge, develop the right skills and receive all the toolkits and resources needed to scale your innovation efforts.

Expected Training Results

  • Knowledge on every aspect the design sprint process
  • Ability to produce reliable, replicable sprint results
  • How to identify problems that matter
  • How to better understand the customer needs
  • How to align stakeholders and make better decisions
  • How to ignite team collaboration
  • How to facilitate with confidence

The 360-degree Training Program Overview

Launched in 2018, our Design Sprint Certification Program is one of kind, based on years of training and facilitating Design Sprints around the world.

The program has 4 modules: Problem definition, Problem-solving, Advanced Facilitation and Certification.

We train your facilitators in a simulated sprint scenario so that they walk away with the confidence and an expert understanding of how to deliver a design sprint, along with the hard and soft skills necessary to do so.

Also, to ensure that your team can replicate results consistently and to a high standard after the training, all our courses come with comprehensive toolkits, the option of professional certification, and access to our public boot camps & a global community of practice.

Program Modules

  1. 1)Problem Framing Training
  2. 2)Design Sprint Training
  3. 3)Advanced Facilitation Training
  4. 4)Online Certification Exam
In-person module
Design Sprint Facilitator KIT
Up to 12 participants
5-day training

Who should join the Program?

UX Leads & Project Managers

who need a fast, effective way to build new products and de-risk their projects

Agile Coaches & Workshop Facilitators

who want to unlock their team's potential for creative collaboration.

Innovation Leads

who need a versatile framework that allows them to create and validate new concepts and models

My super high expectations have been exceeded by far. So much more focus, business angle, and a completely new level of prototypes were an eye-opener for me. Next to that, tons of facilitation learnings from guys who have experienced it deep on their skin. Thank you Design Sprint Academy!
Ivan Karacic Senior Business Development Manager @ Deutsche Telekom

The Design Sprint Certification program was highly interactive, concise, and very practical.

By far one of the best courses I took!

Ahmed Al-Ali Senior Project Manager @ Prime Minister's Office UAE

The strongest outcome for me was the ability to scale capability quickly.

We now deliver Problem Framing sessions in-house directly off the back of the Design Sprint Certification training.

Christine Davey
 Head of Digital Business Transformation @ Which?

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Training Program FAQs

Who is a Design Sprint Facilitator?

In the context of a Design Sprint, the Design Sprint Facilitator is someone capable of achieving effective outcomes by guiding the team through the entire process while managing the group dynamics.

Facilitator's key responsibilities:
✓ Prepare the Design Sprint workshop
✓ Manage the group dynamics and facilitate the conversations
✓ Manage the time and the process
✓ Document the sprint progress and outcomes

But, what makes a good Design Sprint Facilitator?

While there could be a lot of criteria that make a good Design Sprint Facilitator we boiled it down to three traits that we believe are essential:

✓ The ability to create synergy within the team while guiding them to an effective outcome.
✓ The capacity to iterate and adapt.
✓ The intrinsic motivation to unleash creativity in others.

How to become a Design Sprint Facilitator?

Professionals establish themselves as strong facilitators by gaining the right knowledge and practising the right skills in the context of a business challenge.

Customized and individual feedback from experienced trainers and peers helps with further developing their facilitation skills.

Why should I choose this training program for my internal team of coaches?

✭ Skip the long learning curve.

Thanks to our years in the field, your team can learn in days what our consultants learned through dozens of challenging projects. This training program is packed with case studies, common pitfalls, and best practices.

✭ Long-lasting facilitation skills.

Can you imagine learning how to ski while sitting comfortably on your couch? Pretty impossible. The only way you can become a great skier is by sliding down the mountain. Design Sprint facilitation is skill-based, and it requires practice.

We'll train your facilitators in a simulated sprint scenario so that they walk away with an expert understanding of how to deliver a design sprint, along with the hard and soft skills necessary to do so.

✭ Toolkits and resources

From playbooks, facilitation decks, agendas, sprint brief and reporting templates to checklists, onboarding guides, and interview scripts for user testing, we give your team everything they need to run sprints with confidence and replicate results consistently.

What about professional certification?

Once your team completed the 5-day training program, they can demonstrate their level of expertise by:

☑︎ Passing The Theoretical Exam - a 76 multiple-choice online questionnaire!

After successfully passing the exam, your team members will be Certified Design Sprint Facilitators!

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