Design Sprint Training

A 2-day interactive learning experience in which your team will "learn by doing" all the ins and outs of the design sprint process.

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Why Design Sprints?

Startup again.

Most organisations owe their success to an original wave of innovation but over time they lose agility and the capability to re-invent as they tend to only focus on exploiting that initial success.

Use your existing competitive advantage to gain a foothold in a new ecosystem. Learn how to win a niche market.

Validate ideas, fast.

What’s a good idea? That’s the first question we should ask before bringing it to life.

Don’t waste time and resources building the wrong solution. Find the proof that you are on the right track before you invest and start building.

Expected Training Results

  • How to onboard and engage your sprint team.
  • How to evaluate ideas fairly and select the best concepts.
  • How to build prototypes and test them with users.
  • How to build trust and ignite the team collaboration.
  • How to facilitate with confidence (online or in-person).

Training Program Overview

Launched in 2016, our Design Sprint program is one of a kind based on years of experience facilitating Design Sprints within top companies around the world.

As a result, your team will learn only strategies and methods that work, while avoiding pitfalls and the costly mistakes we have done.

During the intensive two-day training your team will learn the process by experiencing the Design Sprint from two perspectives:
✓ the Participant, hands-on performing activities
✓ the Facilitator, facilitating sprint exercises

In addition to the learning experience, your team will get a comprehensive facilitator toolkit and resources that will enable them to put into practice their new skills and knowledge.

Key Topics

  1. 1)Common ground
  2. 2)Build empathy with the customer
  3. 3)Define the sprint focus
  4. 4)Brainstorm ideas
  5. 5)Decide on the best solutions
  6. 6)Design Sprint case studies
  7. 7)Simulations & debrief
  8. 8)Facilitator's toolkit and materials
Live online module
Digital collaboration tool (Mural or Miro)
Up to 12 participants
2-day training
In-person module
Up to 24 participants
2-day training

Who should join the Design Sprint Training?

UX Designers & Product Managers

who want to empower their teams to thrive and achieve results.

Agile Coaches

who want to unlock their team's potential for creative collaboration.

Innovation Managers

who want to adopt more agile ways of working and change mindsets.

My super high expectations have been exceeded by far. So much more focus, business angle, and a completely new level of prototypes were an eye-opener for me. Next to that, tons of facilitation learnings from guys who have experienced it deep on their skin. Thank you Design Sprint Academy!
Ivan Karacic Senior Business Development Manager @ Deutsche Telekom
Once again, great stuff guys. Well presented, great structure and flow, and a lot to take home and think about. There’s a lot of value that can be gained from applying the thinking and processes and we look forward to putting this training into action.
Kris Vella Petroni COO & Co-Founder @BRNDWGN
Once again, thank you for the Design Sprint workshop you held in Helsinki!Everything went smoothly and I learned a bunch of new tools as well
Lesse Tammilehto Creative Director @Solita
Thank you so much for taking us along with you on a two-day Design sprint journey! It was professionally led, fun to experience, and it provided us with a great framework and new insights to work with. Looking forward to putting this into practice and adding more value to our output as a creative agency.
Rene ten Brink Program manager @Random Studio

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Design Sprint FAQs

What is a Design Sprint?

A design sprint is a design thinking method used to solve complex problems through co-creation, rapid prototyping, and qualitative testing with targeted users in a very short period of time.

The Design Sprint created at Google and made popular by Jake Knapp with the book “Sprint”, is now being adopted by companies big and small, within every industry, all over the world.

How it works?

With a small, cross-functional team of experts and a clear schedule for the week, you’ll progress from a problem to a tested solution in only a few days.

✓ Day 1 - the team understands the problem and defines the direction of the sprint.

✓ Day 2 - each individual comes up with their unique solution to the problem.

✓ Day 3 - the team reviews all solutions and decides which are the best concepts.

✓ Day 4 - the team works together to build a realistic prototype.

✓ Day 5 - the prototype is tested with five target customers and based on their reactions, comments, questions, moments of truth, the team will know if their concept is validated or not.

Why run a Design Sprint?

Here are our top three reasons to run a Design Sprint:

✭ De-risk your ideas!
In a fast-changing world, you need to prepare for what's ahead. Design Sprints help you de-risk projects and move from idea to data, in days! Not months!

✭ Break the silos!
Turn your company into the land of opportunity and your employees into heroes.
Design Sprints are a team sport. They rely on cross-functional teams working together towards a single goal.

✭ Stop endless debates!
Everyone has an opinion. Don’t waste energy and time discussing opinions. Use the results of testing - your customer insights - to plan your next steps.

When to use a Design Sprint?

Design Sprints, as a highly collaborative problem-solving method, can be used for solving a multitude of business challenges across different industries and domains.

Here are some situations when Design Sprints can help your team:
✓ Speed up the go-to-market process
✓ Test new business ideas
✓ Get unstuck
✓ Better understand the customers and build the solutions they’ll want
✓ De-risk projects before investing
✓ Kick-off new projects

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