Let’s ensure that your Design Sprint goes off without a hitch.

Depending on the complexity and nature of your challenge we can tailor a Design Sprint to meet your needs:
3,4 or 5-day Design Sprints

Facilited Activities:
Set the challenge
We will make sure you’ll explore in depth all three perspectives: Customer, Business, and Technology by running a pre-sprint Problem Framing workshop.
Assemble the team
We will help you assemble the most formidable and balanced sprint team among the experts in your company.
Prepare the sprint
We ensure that everything you need will be in place for a smooth Sprint!
Run the sprint
Keeping your team on track and maximising the outcome is what we do best (just read what our clients are saying!)
Document sprint
Not all the stakeholders are present in the Sprint. Our Sprint report ensures that the results can be quickly evaluated and adopted.
On-demand team
When required, we can bring our UX specialists and tech professionals for collaborative work and assistance.
What you can expect from a sprint?

Validated Concepts

Customer validated prototype, giving you the answer to the most critical questions and building confidence to proceed with development or launch of your product or service.

What’s next

  • Product Roadmap
  • UX Strategy
  • Agile Development

Partially Validated Concepts

Partial validation of your concept, allowing for a new iteration and testing strategy.

What’s next

  • Customer Development Research
  • Second Design Sprint
  • Target group fine tunning

Invalidated Concepts

Invalidated prototype, saving you considerable time, effort and resources, it has also provided the team invaluable insights into customer needs and alternative solutions.

What’s next

  • Synthesize results and conclusions
  • Business model change
  • Update strategy
Dr Cécile Mack
Dir. Digital Products & Marketing @Springer
"With all the different perspectives and the coaching of your facilitator we were able to develop, prototype, and test quite a different, innovative idea."
Jeff Azoudis
Sr. Mgr Finance, Accounting & Reporting @Philip Morris
"You are fantastic professionals and did well to keep such an energetic crowd focused and productive. I think the results speak for themselves. Thanks again."
Gavriel Magonet
Fintech Creative Technologist, Strategist @ Runpath
"Working with Design Sprint Academy we completely unlocked the benefits of design sprints promised in the book Sprint. Design sprints are now a cornerstone of how we work and we continue to improve them with help from the Design Sprint Academy.
Dana Vetan
John Vetan
Jay Melone
Clive K. Lavery
Ileana Georgiu
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