Design Sprint KIT
Facilitator Toolkits
Execute your design, innovation and strategy sprints without a hitch - or glitch. Our toolkits take the hassle out of sprint planning and prep and enable you facilitate with confidence time and again.
In-Person Sprint KIT

Leading a design, strategy or innovation sprint can be tough. We know. We’ve been in the trenches: sky-high expectations, endless facilitation materials pulling you in different directions, and not enough hours in the day (or weeks in the month) to plan everything down to a tee.

It doesn’t have to be so daunting, though.

Having trained the likes of Google and Microsoft to nail their design sprints, we’ve compiled our learnings into one comprehensive kit that will help you run your sprint like a pro – stress and hassle -free!

Remote Sprint KIT

Facilitating a design sprint remotely might seem as simple as transferring your normal sprint plan into an online setting. But it’s not.

There are some key differences between in-person sprints and their digital counterparts. You’ll need an adapted sprint plan, a super tight agenda, individual onboarding, a tech troubleshooting guide to help you avoid (and rectify) glitches, and a whole lot more planning than you think.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled our learnings into one comprehensive kit that will help you run your remote sprints like a pro – stress and hassle-free!

Free facilitation tools

We translated a lot of innovation management, UX and neuroscience theory into practical, easy-to-use, digital tools


Everything you need to know about design sprints, innovation mindsets and facilitation best practices.

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