Design Sprint Bootcamp
Original end-to-end Design Sprint training
that will take you from zero to an expert Design Sprint Facilitator

Adaptable to any type of service, product or business problem.
A great fit for corporates, enterprise organizations, and startups

1-week Design Sprint training
Innovators, Disruptors, Strategists, Designers, and Product Creators learn all the ins and outs of running successful Design Sprints by working in a team setup through B2B and B2C simulations based on real business case studies.
1-day workshop: Problem Framing to define the right challenge for the sprint and get stakeholders buy-in

Problem Framing Workshop to identify the right challenge and set the stage for a successful Design Sprint.

This is a preliminary step that we have created to ensure effective outcomes from a Design Sprint. We designed this as a response to being in Sprints where we realized our clients did not know what the problem was, or if it even existed. Or alternatively, the problems we were tackling were too broad to allow a practical solution or too narrow to be worth the investment.

As Erika Hall author of Just Enough Research says “Testing a prototype can help you refine an idea that is already good, not tell you whether you’re solving the right problem”.

Although the 4 days of a Design Sprint seem like a short time, it requires a significant investment for most organizations as 7 to 10 key people are blocked during this period, doing nothing else. That is why it becomes critical to pick the right problem to solve to make this investment worthwhile.

You will:

  • Define the right challenge for the sprint
  • Get the stakeholder’s buy-in
  • Make sense of the customer needs, perceptions and expectations
  • Pick the right team, experts and target customers
  • Gain the confidence that you are tackling a problem worth solving in the Design Sprint
2-days workshop: Design Sprint 3.0 practice the tools & techniques within the 5-phases of a Design Sprint

Design Sprint 3.0 to move from an initial product idea or challenge to a testable prototype.

In a real business-case scenario, you’ll practice the tools & techniques of the re-engineered Design Sprint framework that Google Ventures has used to design, prototype and validate solutions for Uber, Slack, Blue Bottle Coffee.

You will:

  • Collaborate with a diverse team within a real business case scenario
  • Solve a real problem
  • Understand customers need, outline and map their journey
  • Sketch innovative solutions in no time
  • Storyboard, prototype, and test
  • Make sense of customer testing insights
2-days workshop: Design Sprint Facilitation upgrade your facilitation skills and manage difficult personality types

Design Sprint Facilitation to run Design Sprints like a pro.

In the span of 2 intense days, you’ll learn how to plan the design sprint week, communicate assertively, ask compelling questions, and encourage participation from multidisciplinary teams and people.

You will:

  • Learn the ground rules, mindset and your role as a Facilitator
  • Get the best out of your team: how to tap into their full potential and creativity
  • Manage conflicts. Learn how to deal with difficult group dynamics and disruptors.
  • Improve assertiveness. Learn to show empathy, while intervening firmly
  • Practice facilitation. Facilitate different Design Sprint phases and receive rounds of actionable feedback from your peers.
  • Learn how to confidently run a sprint yourself and apply it to your organization.
Drive innovation within your organization and/or with your clients. Get this training in-house.
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