A 2-day live online training in which you'll learn and experience - first hand - the remote design sprint process.

A glimpse into the future

Humans have always craved for prophecy in order to find out what’s going to happen next. We all want to make the right decisions!

Today, more than ever, the future looks scary and unpredictable. But what if, we could answer tough business questions like:

  • How can we redefine the Product Development Strategy for 2023?
  • How can we retain our top employees?
  • How do we design the next generation product for our customers?
Design Sprints

Design Sprints are for you if you…

  • Need a quick way to test new business ideas
  • Look for new ways to speed up your go-to-market process
  • Want to break the silos and align your team
  • Try to better understand your customers and design for their needs
  • Must de-risk projects before investing
Design Sprint Phases

What happens in a Design Sprint?

A small, cross-functional team solves a complex business challenge in just five days.

  • Day 1 – the team understands the problem and defines the direction of the sprint.
  • Day 2 – each individual sketches their unique solution.
  • Day 3 – the team reviews all solutions and decides which concepts are the strongest.
  • Day 4 – the entire team builds a realistic prototype.
  • Day 5 – the team validates/invalidates their concept with five target customers.
remote design sprint

How are remote sprints different?

Trying to replicate the “as is” design sprint process in the online environment is extremely challenging, and if done poorly can lead to disengagement, ineffective team collaboration and mediocre results. It is therefore critical to the success of any remote design sprint that teams and facilitators alike understand the challenges they will face together.

Luckily we’ve designed and battle-tested a remote design sprint plan that replicates results consistently and enables you to deliver a high standard experience no matter the challenge.

Why our design sprint training yields better results?

Launched in 2016, our design sprint training is one of its kind and it is based on the practical experience gained from running dozens of sprints all over the world. Grounded in an understanding of organisational psychology, we train you based on three tried and tested learning principles: 

Interactive ▷ Experiential ▷ Relevant

Not only you’ll learn the design sprint process but you’ll get a chance to experience one too.

You’ll be able to tap into our collective experience through first-hand war stories from design sprints we’ve run with our clients and learn from our pitfalls.

Remote Design Sprint Training

What will you learn?

  • How to build empathy with your customers.
  • How to evaluate ideas fairly and pick the best concepts.
  • How to build prototypes and test them with users.
  • How to onboard and engage your sprint team.
  • How to spark collaboration and design the conversation so that everyone’s voice is being heard.
  • How to make the best of digital collaboration tools and facilitate with confidence.
Remote Design Sprint KIT

Keep up the good work

Remember that old saying about how teaching a man to fish will feed him for longer than simply giving him a fish?

As trainers and educators who are passionate about building lasting success, our course comes with a comprehensive Remote Sprint Kit.

From your digital boards (designed both in Mural and Miro), daily agendas and sprint brief templates to checklists, onboarding guides and interview scripts for user testing, we give you everything you need. Perfect for distributed teams. Perfect for remote facilitators.

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