Design Sprints for Change

April 12, 2019  •  Google   St Giles, London 

Kai Haley

Lead of Design Relations and the Google Sprint Master Academy

Kai Haley is a UX designer leading the Design Relations team at Google, which supports design excellence for designers and developers building on Google's platforms. She is one of the founders and leads of the Sprint Master Academy, and trained over 300 Sprint Masters to drive innovation across Google’s diverse product areas. She is passionate about design thinking and inspiring the UX community to effectively utilize Design Sprints for speed and innovation. 

Prior to starting the Design Relations team, she applied her UX expertise to create monetization opportunities in Google search for the Search Ads Team. She earned a Masters Degree in Design from CCA, where she focused on sustainable design practices and creating a positive impact in the world.

Since 2016, the Design Sprint Academy has been teaching Design Sprints to professionals from a variety of companies, from Fortune 500 to startups, and helping organizations unlock their potential to achieve effective outcomes. Fast.

Our vast expertise allowed us to design the most comprehensive 
design sprint training program on the market focused on helping organizations drive their innovation initiatives. Because we believe in the power of sharing we jumpstarted and supported the largest design sprint community in London, and now, we’re partnering with Google to inspire and enable future innovators induce change within their companies.

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As an invite-only event with limited spots, attendees are Innovators, UX leads, product managers, Agile coaches, business strategists, design thinkers actively involved in innovation or design sprint facilitation.

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Learn from experts, thought leaders and innovators across industries, sharing their successes, method adaptations and everything in between

Beyond the talks, we will feature many events that will give you an opportunity to network.

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All talks will be held at the Google St. Giles headquarters at 1-13 St Giles High St, London WC2H 8AG, UK


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John Vetan

Design Sprint Strategist & Co-founder @Design Sprint Academy

Design Sprint Strategist and Co-founder, John Vetan was one of the early adopters and pioneered Design Sprints by creating one of the first Design Sprints company in the world.

Currently, as founder and strategist at the Design Sprint Academy, John is helping organizations around the world use and adopt Design Sprints as an effective way to innovate.

Led by Design Sprint Academy and Google Design, this one-day exclusive event focuses on innovation, organizational transformation and design sprints.

"Design Sprints for Change" brings together executives, innovators, designers, consultants and design sprint ambassadors to tap into a broad diversity of perspectives, share success stories and learn cross-industry best practices.

About the Conference

Managing Director for RGAX in EMEA

RGAX is the transformation engine of RGA, the world’s largest Life & Health only reinsurer. Richard Verdin is Managing Director for RGAX in EMEA, responsible for business strategy and execution for the region. RGAX develops new market solutions and services focused on increasing consumer engagement.

Before joining RGAX, Richard spent his career holding senior positions at Aviva UK Life, Legal & General and Direct Life. He has chaired the Association of British Insurers Protection Committee and led the protection work-stream for the UK Treasury’s Sergeant Review - tasked with developing simplified financial products.

Richard Verdin

Alex Webb Allen

Lead Service Designer @Idean Malmö

Alex draws on over 15 years’ experience as a Service Designer, facilitator and educator, and has a passion for using design to understand people and hopefully add meaning and value to the things they do everyday.

Alex leads the Service Design team at Idean Malmö in creating carefully crafted service experiences for their clients. He especially enjoys asking difficult questions. 

As a surfer and backcountry snowboarder, he is no stranger to rapidly evaluating risk, reward and consequence…

David Dahlenius

Design Sprint Lead @Idean Malmö

David is Design Sprint Lead at Idean Sweden, a role that has drawn a lot of attention during the last year with the rising demand for Design Sprints.

 He’s spent the last couple of years running Design Sprints in-house at clients, as well as packaging them as an agency offering.

David’s background is within the user experience, tech and marketing triangle, but with his focus set on getting Design Sprints to work as a collaboration tool between charities and corporations.

Matt Lockyer

Head of Experimentation @Barclays

Matt leads experimentation within the Barclays API Business. His work in the API Business is focused on developing value propositions for Barclays using a design-led approach and managing the Barclays Developer Exchange. He previously worked as a Next Gen architect at Capco where he worked on a project defining Visa’s Commerce OS proposition. This work has evolved into a series of propositions currently under development with Barclays. Prior to this, he was a digital architect for Barclaycard and a technology consultant for Hewlett-Packard.

Ahmed Ghanim Al-Ali

Prime Minister’s Office – UAE

Ahmed has a diverse experience ranging from aerospace engineering to digital innovation in public service. He is currently leading the future services lab at the prime minister’s office in Dubai. 

Ahmed is also a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge where he is collaborating with Fortune 500 companies to deploy design sprints as a ‘fast-start’ approach to digital transformation.

Deborah Madelaine

Global Community Senior Manager @Mars 

Deborah Madelaine works at Mars Inc. as a Global Community Senior Manager in the User Centricity team.

Her team’s vision is a Mars made of bold thinkers and brave doers who are user-centric and ready for tomorrow.

To bring this vision to life, Deborah has been leading a global movement within Mars which counts now over 10,000 Mars Associates.

Deborah is also the author “You Got This!” a workbook which guides you to be user-centric with yourself and she recently gave a TEDx talk in Stockholm called “You Are A Prototype”.

Pick your favourite session. 

Max number of participants per workshop: 12. 

Session duration: 1h.


Customizing Your Sprint for Different Types

The Design Sprint methodology can be applied to a wide variety of challenges and while no two sprints are the same they do fall into distinct types. In this workshop, we will explore how to customize your Sprint agenda based on the type of Sprint you are looking to run.

Kai Haley

Lead of Design Relations and the Google Sprint Master Academy

While facilitating over 100 design sprints, and training the Google Academy, Kai also inspires the UX community on effectively using sprints for speed and innovation.

Measuring the Impact of Sprints

Sprints alone can’t change products and organisations in the long term. What mindsets and methods can you use to measure and communicate success back to the business? This session will walk you through HEART: a framework for user-centric metrics used to measure the impact of your sprints.

Brendan Kearns

Former UX designer at Google and founder of Studio Rival

As a designer and strategist he has driven product innovation and human-centred design in big tech, consulting, and agency environments for over a decade. 

Taming of the Shrew and Other Sprint Predators

How to stop "sprint predators" like deviators,  natural born oppositionals or non-engaged participants from hijacking your sprint, by using prevention & reactive strategies.

Codruta Lucuta

Train the Trainer @Design Sprint Academy

Currently forming Design Sprint Masters at the Design Sprint Academy, Codruta dedicated her career to understanding human nature and team performance.

Participant Behaviour and the Scale of Intervention

This session offers a personalised toolbox of both prevention and cure when faced with trouble behaviours - from what goes wrong and why to an entirely new mindset for dealing with these situations.

Martin Tothill

Partner @Catseye Leadership Development

Martin lives to help and grow others to be the best leaders they can and in turn inspire a future generation of followers to do the very same.

Co-designing a Pattern for Embedding Design Culture

This is one for the design culture geeks. We’ll be pooling our collective wisdom and making a ‘pattern’ for embedding design culture.

Rebecca Birch

Service Design Lead @Girlguiding UK

With a background in innovation consulting, youth and community work, Rebbeca helps organizations to listen deeply to their customers.

Holly May Mahoney

Service Design Strategist and Design Thinking advocate

Holly May Mahoney is an empathic and creative individual with a diverse practice spanning across the private and public sectors. With formal Service Design training from the RCA in London and after completing a Design Thinking Teaching Fellowship at Stanford's, she is now the Design Lead at David Kester & Associates as well as leading design coaching and training at the Design Thinkers Academy, London.

HMWs for Digital Transformation

In this session, we will consider what digital transformation is, what are the challenges businesses face in the evolving digital era and how might we capitalise on the opportunities by positively reframing those challenges.

Kate McKay

Digital Strategist & Founding Director @4_ttude

Kate brings with her over 20 years’ experience in the creative and digital sectors and leads on digital transformation.

Get Set, Sprint, Deliver: Planning your Design Sprint

Starting with good preparation, a high energy well-orchestrated workshop and forward planning. This session will focus on the ‘Get Set’ phase of a Design Sprint, exploring the approaches used to plan design sprints. 

Holly May Mahoney

Service Design Strategist and Design Sprint Advocate

Teaching Fellowship at Stanford's, Holly is now the Design Lead at David Kester & Associates as well as leading design coaching and training at the Design Thinkers Academy, London.

The User Centricity Movement at Mars: How to make Design Sprints the New Normal - Deborah Madelaine  

3:30 PM

Q&A Panel: Design Sprints - A Tool for Transformation

Kai Haley, Eleanor Barlow, David Dahlenius, Ann Longley, John Vetan

3:00 PM