Design Sprint Bootcamp
1 week, intensive in-house or off-site training

All you need to know about running sprints and training your own Design Sprint Masters
Day 1: Sprint Prep Set the stage for a successful sprint by identifying the right problem and getting user insights.

Problem Framing Workshop to identify the right challenge and set the stage for a successful Design Sprint

Identifying the right problem up-front is crucial for any Design Sprint and we have seen many ambitious Design Sprints fail when the stage isn’t set properly or there is no common understanding of the actual problem.

You will:

  • Learn how to address relevant aspects of a problem
  • Identify and capture stakeholders perspectives and assumptions
  • Make sense of the customer needs, perceptions and expectations
  • Engage your team towards a common purpose
  • Gain the confidence that you are tackling a problem worth solving in the Design Sprint
Days 2 & 3: Design Sprint Workshop Experience the 5-day sprint over 2 intensive, packed days.

Immersive Design Sprint Workshop to move from an initial product idea or challenge to a testable prototype

In a project-based scenario, you’ll learn the tools & techniques of the same proven, structured framework that Google Ventures has used to design, prototype and validate solutions for Uber, Slack, Blue Bottle Coffee and more.

You will:

  • Understand customers need, outline and map their journey
  • Work with constraints to spark ideas & rally a team to get the most out of the combined team expertise
  • Sketch innovative solutions in no time
  • Create an MVP
  • Test with real customers
Day 4 & 5: Design Sprint Master Learn to facilitate Design Sprints

Train the trainer workshop to upgrade your facilitation skills

In this experiential learning journey, you’ll be thrown into the fire. In the span of an intense 2 full days of immersive training, you’ll learn how to plan the design sprint week, communicate assertively, ask compelling questions, and encourage participation from multidisciplinary teams and people.

You will:

  • Learn the Design Sprint ground rules and mindsets
  • Gain the ability to deal with disruptors: Prevention & intervention
  • Manage conflicts and difficult group dynamics
  • Become more self-aware of your personal strengths & weaknesses
  • Confidently run a Design Sprint
Make Design Sprints part of your innovation toolkit!
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