Exam format

DST - Theoretical Exam (Design Sprint Facilitator Certification)

Will test the understanding of all of the five phases of the Design Sprint process, preparing the Design Sprint as well as the knowledge needed to facilitate and guide a team through the process.

Will test the understanding 

It is online

It has 76 questions, split into 8 sections

It is timed, with 90 minutes allotted for each attempt

Allows 5 attempts to pass within one month from signing up

Requires a score of 80% or higher to pass

DSP - Practical Evaluation (Design Sprint Master Certification)

Will require that you have passed the DST - Theoretical Exam

Will require that you have run a real design sprint

Upload a 10-minute video sequence of you facilitating a design sprint activity

3 references from the Decider, and 2 Design Sprint members

Upload the Design Sprint Brief and Final report

To become certified as a Design Sprint Master, one must pass 2 exams: a theoretical one which will verify the understanding and knowledge of the design sprint concept and its applications and a practical evaluation that will demonstrate the capability to perform in real-world situations.

Allows 2 attempts to pass within 3 months from signing up.

Qualifying for certification

Anyone that has Design Sprint knowledge or participated in a  design sprint, can register for this certification. For best results, we recommend our participants to have been in at least one design sprint or taken a design sprint training as well as having read the Sprint book or Google Sprint Kit.

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A 2-step certification

Example exam questions

Who must be part of a Design Sprint team?

• Enthusiasts who can clear their schedule during the sprint week

• People already familiar with the design sprint process

• People with different expertise related to the sprint challenge

•  At least 2 facilitators

• At least 1 Decider

What are the "Sprint questions?"

• The design sprint prototype success metrics.

• Rephrased assumptions and obstacles

• Ideation starters

• Possible solutions

•  Not saying anything until they finish

• Giving them a powerful and directive feedback on that discussion not being the reason for which they are there

• Asking the question “How is this connected to our long term goal?”

• Inviting the decider to intervene immediately

Whenever the team starts to go into off-topic discussions, which do you consider the most valuable approach:


Start your journey!

About DST & DSP exams

How to take the exam

The exams will be taken on a 3rd party platform, Mettl by Mercer, following the next steps:

1. Register on this platform:


2. Verify your account.

3. Once you login select either Design Sprint Facilitator Certification or Design Sprint Master Certification (please note that  the Master Certification can only be selected if you have successfully passed the Design Sprint Facilitator exam)

4. Pay for the examination. The fee is $79 for the Design Sprint Facilitator and $297 for the Design Sprint Master evaluation. Payments will be processed by Paypal and can be done by credit card or Paypal.

5. Take the exams

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