Innovation Days

We enable Innovation Managers to organize and facilitate Innovation Days inside their organization by leveraging the power of Design Sprints.

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Innovation is anything, but business as usual.

Spark a growth mindset.

How do you move the right people from "showing up and going to work" to an innovative mindset? How do you help the leadership team see the power of creative collaboration or help them rethink their innovation process? And, where do you start?

Start with Innovation Days.

Create an epic Innovation Week experience where the creatives, risk-takers, and innovators in your company are enabled to test new ideas, develop relevant business concepts, and learn new innovation tools along the way.

Expected Results

  • Move from ideas to tested prototypes in just 5 days.
  • Create innovative business concepts, solutions to real life problems and actual needs.
  • Break the silos, embrace diversity, collaborate effectively.
  • Start a Grassroots Community with inspired and enthusiastic employees.
  • Pitch new business cases to the executive team.
  • Build an internal team of Change Agents and Facilitators.

Innovation Days Overview

"Innovation Days" is a 5-day event in which curious and driven employees form small teams to solve creatively complex problems relevant to the business.

Guided by internal Facilitators (trained by Design Sprint Academy) the teams will follow a structured problem-solving process, called the Design Sprint, and will transform their concepts into working prototypes.

The teams will also test their prototypes with real customers and present the customer insights and results back to the business.

Our program is versatile and easily adaptable to your needs and goals. Get in touch for a bespoke offer.


  1. 1)Internal capability building
  2. 2)Internal facilitators onboarding
  3. 3)Framing the right challenges
  4. 4)Innovation Days
  5. 5)Sharing the narrative
  6. 6)Pitching the business case to stakeholders
Live Online Event
Up to 50 participants
Digital templates - The Remote Sprint Kit (Mural or Miro)
5 Innovation Days
In-person Event
Up to 100 participants
Presentation slides - Facilitator Toolkit (Keynote or PPT)
4 Innovation Days

Who can join the Innovation Days program?

Your most curious employees

Employees who want to step away from their normal responsibilities, make an impact and collaborate better.

Your forward thinking customers

Invite your clients or customers to co-create, collaborate and learn from each other.

Your external partners

Invite your external partners to experiment with new ideas or iterate on old ones.

Thank you for supporting the SAP DevX Challenges in many locations in person in the past and lately also adopting your format and carrying out the workshops virtually. Couldn’t have done it without you!
Edina Sewell Global Public Sector Industry Business Unit, Future Cities Team @SAP
Thanks, Dana, John, Kate, and Alex for your energy and commitment to our virtual teams. The DevX challenge initiative believes the biggest breakthroughs will come through emboldened teams, a deep understanding of the new criteria, and willingness to not just think outside the box … but ask should the box exist today? The shift for business to go from best in the world to best for the planet is here. Thanks for the platform Design Sprint Academy!
Cameron Rouse SAP DevX Challenge

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Why should my company organize Innovation Days?

Most companies are optimized to execute and solve a stated problem. But as they strive for disruptive innovation, they must find new ways to inject and scale creativity across their organizations.

Companies need to create an original wave of innovation and build momentum by getting their teams familiar with effective, fast, repeatable processes that solve complex business problems and boost creativity.

And also to:
⚡︎Unleash people's full creative energies
⚡︎Change mindsets
⚡︎Spark grassroots innovation
⚡︎Break the silos & learn how to collaborate effectively
⚡︎Find new ideas to complex problems

What type of organizations run Innovation Days?

All types and sizes, across industries, from New York Times who hosts the "Maker Week" an annual tradition where employees are given the freedom to step away from their normal responsibilities and work on self-directed projects
the European Commission’s annual flagship Research and Innovation event -European Research and Innovation Days- bringing together policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and the public to debate and shape the future of research and innovation in Europe and beyond.

What are some best practices for organizing Innovation Days?

1) Define the why. Why are you running this event? Why should employees be excited and care? How are you going to use the results?

2) Focus on solving real, well-defined problems.

3) Build teams that have diverse skills, knowledge, and experiences.

4) Enable the voice of the employee through inclusive, collaborative processes. The problem-solving framework or method you'll choose needs to be clear, easy to adopt and use, and provide your teams with the ability to replicate the results consistently (tools like Playbooks, Replay Reports, Templates, Guides are a must).

5) Have clear timelines and stick to the schedule.

6) Keep your stakeholders engaged. The best way to ensure stakeholder support and engagement is to involve them in defining and prioritizing the challenges at the beginning and in evaluating the solutions created by the teams at the end.

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