Why hire external facilitators?

Our clients hire us when the stakes are high, with no room for mistakes or when an internal facilitator is too close to the problem.

Here's where we come in and help. We offer a fresh perspective to the scene. Also, we're fully dedicated to guiding the team and helping them achieve the desired outcomes without the influence of internal politics.

Why us? You can trust us to run your sprints in the spirit of empathy, collaboration, and inclusivity.

Facilited Activities:
Start with the problem
We help you frame the problem that's worth solving while also aligning your stakeholders on the core opportunity.
Plan the sprint
We'll work closely with you to define your challenge, recruit your sprint team, and gather external experts and target users so that you maximize the outcome in the end and get your desired deliverable.
Facilitate the sprint
Our expert facilitators will keep your team on track and ensure the best outcomes.
Understand results and plan next steps
After testing the prototype with users, we'll analyze the results and draft the next steps - i.e. the strategy that follows. We'll then provide a Sprint report that gives a clear overview of the sprint outcome, which means access to a quick evaluation and clear, actionable next steps.
What you can expect from a sprint?

A successful failure

The prototypes didn’t quite hit the mark, but you learned something (or maybe even many things) and saved your team four to six months of wasted work building the wrong product. Maybe you even want to run a follow-up sprint.

An imperfect win

Maybe not all of your ideas met your user’s needs, but you still learned what works, what doesn’t, and the reason behind it. And now, you can iterate and test again.

A valiant victory

The concept met your user’s needs! They were able to solve their problem using your prototype, which makes the users excited about your solution and engaged with all the features and content. This means you’re ready to implement!

Gavriel Magonet
Fintech Creative Technologist, Strategist @ Runpath
"Working with Design Sprint Academy we completely unlocked the benefits of design sprints promised in the book Sprint. Design sprints are now a cornerstone of how we work and we continue to improve them with help from the Design Sprint Academy.
Dr CĂ©cile Mack
Dir. Digital Products & Marketing @Springer
"With all the different perspectives and the coaching of your facilitator we were able to develop, prototype, and test quite a different, innovative idea."
Jeff Azoudis
Sr. Mgr Finance, Accounting & Reporting @Philip Morris
"You are fantastic professionals and did well to keep such an energetic crowd focused and productive. I think the results speak for themselves. Thanks again."
Brindha Dyer
Director @Digital-UL
"New Haircut's Design Sprint Academy worked with us to identify top business opportunities through their really engaging framing and design sprint workshops, that ultimately kicked off our newly launched innovation program!"
Dana Vetan
John Vetan
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