Strategy Sprint Facilitation
Hire our team of experts to help you focus on the problems that matter. rethink your business model and solve your toughest business challenges.
Problem Framing Facilitation

We believe that successful strategies start with a thorough understanding of the problem. Our expert facilitators work with your  strategy, leadership or innovation teams in a one-day intensive that will help contextualise  problems, align with business objectives and find the opportunities with the highest potential ROI.

Business Model Innovation Facilitation

Business models have become the new basis of competition, replacing product features and benefits as the playing field on which companies emerge as successful or not.

This is because traditional strategies for maintaining one’s margins – such as product innovation, branding and marketing – are far less effective than they used to be.

But how do you go about innovating a business model effectively? Launching soon, our business model innovation sprint will help you do just that! Join our mailing list to get notified when we go live.

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Recent workshops
Blaize Hite
Global Product Manager @Nike
"Awesome time attending the Problem Framing Workshop at Google today. Great insight into how to increase stakeholder visibility into the biases that draw focus onto solutions instead of true problems.  Shared understanding of the issue(s) at hand really enable teams to focus where it is most needed. Thank you!"
Brindha Dyer
Director @Digital-UL
"New Haircut's Design Sprint Academy worked with us to identify top business opportunities through their really engaging framing and design sprint workshops, that ultimately kicked off our newly launched innovation program!"
Jeff Azoudis
Sr. Mgr Finance, Accounting & Reporting @Philip Morris
"You are fantastic professionals and did well to keep such an energetic crowd focused and productive. I think the results speak for themselves. Thanks again."
Gavriel Magonet
Fintech Creative Technologist, Strategist @ Runpath
"Working with Design Sprint Academy we completely unlocked the benefits of design sprints promised in the book Sprint. Design sprints are now a cornerstone of how we work and we continue to improve them with help from the Design Sprint Academy.
Rene ten Brink
Program manager @Random Studio
Thank you so much for taking us along with you on a two-day Design sprint journey! It was professionally led, fun to experience, and it provided us with a great framework and new insights to work with. Looking forward to putting this into practice and adding more value to our output as a creative agency.
Constantin Brandt
Product Manager @Offerista
"Thanks again for the awesome two days and for you facilitating the workshop. We learned a lot and I already got beautiful feedback."
Kris Vella Petroni
COO & Co-Founder @BRNDWGN
"Once again, great stuff guys. Well presented, great structure and flow, and a lot to take home and think about. There’s a lot of value that can be gained from applying the thinking and processes and we look forward to putting this training into action."
Lesse Tammilehto
Creative Director @Solita
"Once again, thank you for the Design Sprint workshop you held in Helsinki!Everything went smoothly and I learned a bunch of new tools as well"
Chi Nguyen
Program Manager @StartupInstitute
"New Haircut’s Design Thinking workshop has been extremely valuable to Startup Institute’s students! Overall the students rated the class extremely informative and useful w/ a rating of 4.73 out of 5! I’d highly recommend this course to anyone interested in bringing design thinking and innovation into their organization."