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Design Sprint Master – Facilitator’s Guide
Written by seasoned design sprint facilitators for facilitators

Design Sprint Master – Facilitator’s Guide V1

Written in 2018, this guide is the result of dozens of sprints and workshops we, the Design Sprint Academy, have run around the world with a large variety of organizations ranging from startups to enterprises, across a multitude of industries.

We work tirelessly to make our Design Sprints practical, innovative, and fun for our clients. Everything we put in in this manual has been battle-tested in real projects and many times we wished we had this knowledge before going headfirst into our sprints.

That’s why we carefully developed this Guide to prepare you, in a day-by-day format, to facilitate your organization’s next Design Sprint.

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What’s inside

The Design Sprint Master – Facilitation Guide includes advice on facilitation, tools, and improved tactics, but it does not include a step-by-step explanation of the entire Design Sprint process. For that, we recommend you read the Sprint book by Jake Knapp.

  • Chapter 1 – Pre-Sprint – everything you need to know about preparing a design sprint
  • Chapter 2 – During Sprint – tactics, and checklists for the daily sprint activities
  • Chapter 3 – Design Sprint Master Role – facilitation advice to increase the team effectiveness

This guide also includes insights and advice from Jim Kalbach on how to incorporate user research and improve your mapping activities.

Pay attention to our exclusive “PRO Tips” that will help you answer the most burning questions and provide you with the right examples.

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