What is a Design Sprint?
A 5-day design framework for validating ideas and solving big challenges.

A Design Sprint is a time-constrained, 5 day process that uses design thinking to reduce the risk when bringing a new product, service or a feature to the market.



Day 1 – The start of the roller coaster. First, start with the end in mind and fix a long-term goal. Next, put yourselves in the customer’s shoes and map their journey. Talk to experts and enhance the customer journey map, before deciding exactly what you will be focussing on for the next four days.


Day 2 –Where the rubber meets the road, and you start to think about solutions. Firstly gathering inspiration from existing ideas, take notes, finishing the day with each member creating a potential solution.


Day 3 – Decision time! The day starts with voting for the best solution to achieve your long-term goal. In the afternoon you will complete a storyboard that will form the basis of your prototype.


Day 4 – Divide and conquer. Together using the team’s strengths to build and refine a realistic prototype which is to be tested on your live customers tomorrow.


Day 5 – Testing time! 5 customers interviews are carried out whilst the rest of the team captures reactions that will validate or invalidate your solution. Now you get to understand if your solution will work.

Why run a design sprint?

There is any number of reasons for running a design sprint from validating a new solution or feature to testing entry into a new market. The Design Sprint dramatically accelerates the development of products and services whilst fully aligning teams around a shared vision. In just 5 days it is possible to answer big and important questions and increase team interaction throughout the organization. So why run a design sprint? Quite simply, it accelerates your organization!

What is the outcome?

Having completed your design sprint, you will have a customer-validated prototype or in the case of failure, well done, you have just saved yourself months of wasted time. With your results you have actionable and quantifiable customers insights, giving you the confidence to commit the budget to launch the product or service.

What happens after a Design Sprint?
During a design sprint, you validate a big, important idea that you’ve previously researched by building a realistic, customer-testable prototype. But then what?

Having delved deep into a problem, gained genuine insights and understanding you are now ready to start creating a more refined solution. The Design Sprint Academy will then help you to create a product or service roadmap and define the development.
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