Expert Design Sprint Facilitation. In-person or remote.

Why our Facilitators?

Our unique facilitation style and tailored design sprint framework deliver superior results that set us apart from our competitors.

  • Holistic - We tackle your problems from all angles
  • Tailored - We customise our sprints to match your specific needs
  • Impactful - We make sure you work on the problems that truly matter
  • Expert - You and your team work directly with our founders
  • Sustainable - We empower your team to build on their success
What our expert facilitators deliver
No project ever starts with a blank canvas. In our groundwork phase, we bring ourselves up to speed with where you are, looking at existing data, past learnings and understanding your business’s broader objectives and KPIs.
Problem Framing
Problem Framing is a design thinking method used to understand, define and prioritize complex business problems. In this one-day workshop, we will work with you to validate, justify and contextualise your challenges.
Sprint Prep
As with all things in life, preparation is key. We work together with your team to prepare the sprint and make the best use of everyone’s time and effort.
Design Sprint
Once you have defined your problem, built our team and planned our agenda carefully, it’s time for the fun to begin! Our expert facilitators take you through a 4 day design sprint, keeping you motivated and on track with outcomes.
Report & Plan
Once the sprint is over, we collect and analyse our sprint findings, put them together in a detailed report along with your Design Sprint narrative, photo documentation, user testing results, conclusions and next steps.

Our Facilitation Style

Grounded in an understanding of organisational and human psychology, we facilitate based on three basic principles we believe bring out the best in each and every participant.

1. Empathy

We connect with our clients and strive to understand users and stakeholders alike.

2. Collaboration

We set the stage for successful teamwork and teach you how to work together.

3. Inclusivity

We create opportunities for everyone to be heard.

What our Facilitators will help you do

Invest in the right opportunities

Make sure the challenges you work on are aligned with your business goals and relevant to your customers.

Derisk big projects

Avoid wasting time on ideas that don’t work by building and testing a prototype for just a fraction of the cost.

Break silos and drive collaboration

Involve the right people from the start, build solutions collaboratively and get your stakeholders on board with the solution.

Want us to facilitate an in-person or remote sprint for you?

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With all the different perspectives and the coaching of your facilitator we were able to develop, prototype, and test quite a different, innovative idea.
Dr Cécile Mack Dir. Digital Products & Marketing @Springer
Although online workshops seem sometimes odd and overwhelming Design Sprint Academy made it possible to have a very effective and efficient virtual workshop. They made it fun, helped us with challenges, kept us going, and made it a very rewarding experience. They were very well prepared and guided us through the 3-5 day process very professionally. Hope to work with them again in the future.
Edina Sewel @ SAP Global Public Sector Industry Business Unit, Future Cities Team

Both the problem framing and sprint have been done under excellent moderation. Strict on time when required, inspirational when possible, demanding and ambitious when needed!

Els Quintyn
 Innovation Manager @Arteco NV
For me, it was my first design sprint experience and I enjoyed it a lot, even that it was only online. The DSA team was very experienced, helpful, and supportive. My expectations have been definitely overachieved. I would love to work with John and the team again.
Silke Jakobi Innovation Expert at SAP Startup Engagement
Being part of the Design Sprint was challenging in a positive way and truly inspiring. The DSA's facilitation - being focused and charming at the same time - guided us to our creative top performance.
Ursula Kloé Managing Partner at JU-KNOW