The “overnight” success story of the Design Sprint Academy

In 2003, John Vetan decided to go into business creating websites. One of the websites he built in 2009 was for Jay Melone. Jay was thrilled with the outcome. So as fate would have it, in 2010, John and Jay went into business together to form New Haircut.

Over the next 5 years at New Haircut we focused on designing & developing web and mobile software. But over and over again we witnessed companies spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars building solutions they hadn’t yet validated — sometimes building products for which there wasn’t even a problem to be solved.

There had to be a better way that didn’t include RFPs, UX-to-dev handoffs between different teams, and months of elaborate market research.

So in 2015, after building countless digital products, we asked ourselves, “How can we also help companies uncover, ideate, and validate problems and potential solutions?” That question was answered in the form of tools like design sprints and design thinking.

With our experience rooted in product development, we were able to offer our clients the design & engineering insights missing from management consultancies.

Over 2015 and 2016 we were asked more and more to help companies create and refine their innovation practices. And so after having coached, trained, and facilitated dozens of organizations, we now offer these services to you, your team, and your company inside the Design Sprint Academy.

Our Facilitators

Why join us? Why join us?

John Vetan

John is the mastermind behind all of the digital offerings that originate out of New Haircut. He’s chartered the evolution of New Haircut’s design thinking process over the past 6 years.

Most recently, he led New Haircut to becoming thought leaders in applying design sprints to build digital solutions. This process is routinely honed on products created within our Startup Lab — also John’s creation.

Why join us? Why join us?

Dana Vetan

Dana has a degree in Psychology which has armed her from day one with a formal mastery of user-centered design and empathy. Dana applied this learning for over a decade in her roles within the digital product teams at New Haircut. This combination of education and experience enabled Dana to immerse deeply in the needs and challenges of teams tasked with connecting with customer mindsets and delivering world-class solutions.

Now as New Haircut's Innovation Program Manager, Dana has applied all she's lived and learned to create the high-impact curriculum offered with the Design Sprint Academy.

Why join us? Why join us?

Jay Melone

Jay started his career at Accenture where he spent 7 years building digital products using anything but design sprints — things were slow and inefficient. But as he transitioned from writing code at Accenture to leading technology teams inside startups (including his own), he quickly adopted an appreciation and mastering of lean and agile practices.

Now, as the Strategy Partner at New Haircut, and one of their design thinking facilitators, he helps large corporations understand the difference between talking about digital innovation and achieving it.

Why join us? Why join us?

Ileana Georgiu

When we talk about our trainers being practitioners, Ileana is living proof. As New Haircut's Design Lead, Ileana leads our team of UX and UI designers to create user-centered digital solutions for our clients.

Ileana is then able to apply all that she researches, learns, and adopts within her design department to the workshops and training offered within the Design Sprint Academy.