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August 2020
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Aug 20 Remote Design Sprint Facilitator Training €300 7 available seats left Buy Ticket
September 2020
Sep 7-8 Design Sprint 3.0 Training – Berlin €1,000 Buy Ticket
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Innovators, Executives, Designers say
Ivan Karacic
Senior Business Development Manager
Deutsche Telekom

My super high expectations have been exceeded by far. So much more focus, business angle, and a completely new level of prototypes were an eye-opener for me. Next to that, tons of facilitation learnings from guys who have experienced it deep on their skin. Thank you Design Sprint Academy!

Ahmed Al-Ali
Senior Project Manager
Prime Minister's Office UAE

The training program was highly interactive, concise, and very practical.

By far one of the best courses I took!

Lesse Tammilehto
Creative Director

Once again, thank you for the Design Sprint workshop you held in Helsinki!Everything went smoothly and I learned a bunch of new tools as well

Dr Cécile Mack
Dir. Digital Products & Marketing

With all the different perspectives and the coaching of your facilitator we were able to develop, prototype, and test quite a different, innovative idea.

Kris Vella Petroni
COO & Co-Founder

Once again, great stuff guys. Well presented, great structure and flow, and a lot to take home and think about. There’s a lot of value that can be gained from applying the thinking and processes and we look forward to putting this training into action.

Felix Wang
UX Design

Design Sprint Academy has been a wonderful community partner in building out our Design Sprints Global Chapters program at Google. They are great strategic collaborators, and bring a wealth of experience from facilitation of Design Sprints, to scaled outreach and education of the broader Design Sprint Community. The team consistently produces great work; constantly shares their recent learnings and insights with the community, and is one of the leading organizations on bringing the Design Sprint methodology to an ever-growing audience.

Els Quintyn

Innovation Manager
Arteco NV

Both the problem framing and sprint have been done under excellent moderation. Strict on time when required, inspirational when possible, demanding and ambitious when needed!

Tim-Allan Schäufelin
Senior Product Manager

John and the Design Sprint Academy are a  highly professional team. They helped to identify the right problems, generate a context that was needed to find the right answers, and enabled our team to have creative exchanges and take a significant step forward in our project. All this considered our needs and was tailored during the process. Thanks again!

Blaize Hite
Global Product Manager

Awesome time attending the Problem Framing Workshop at Google today. Great insight into how to increase stakeholder visibility into the biases that draw focus onto solutions instead of true problems.  Shared understanding of the issue(s) at hand really enable teams to focus where it is most needed. Thank you!