Facilitate Design Sprints like a PRO and get certified as a Design Sprint Master!

Why become a Certified Design Sprint Master?

  • Understand all the ins and outs of the Google problem-solving method
  • Run design sprints without a hitch or glitch, over and over again
  • Demonstrate expertise and replicate results consistently
What Design Sprint Masters need to know
How to pick the sprint challenge
“Nothing is so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” - Peter Drucker

Not all business challenges are right for a Design Sprint. Some might be too broad, others too narrow; some might already have a solution, or the solution can be discovered through more conventional methods; some might not consider the customer at all, while others are not even worth the investment.

Finding and framing the right challenge falls into the Facilitator's hands and is the cornerstone of any successful Design Sprint.
How to get stakeholder buy-in
Running a Design Sprint without stakeholder' support is like launching a ship to space without mission control.

Finding the right decision-makers and aligning them towards a common goal is critical in a Design Sprint and becomes a key activity for any Design Sprint Facilitator.
How to prepare a design sprint
There's a common misconception that all you need to do to run a successful Design Sprint is to show up on the day and follow the process.

In reality, the Facilitator's groundwork can make or break a sprint. In the groundwork phase, the Facilitator gathers existing information, interviews key stakeholders, conducts user research, and organizes all the findings into comprehensive artifacts. Armed with data and facts, a Facilitator can easily guide the sprint team towards great solutions.
How to facilitate each activity
Design Sprints are about balancing convergent with divergent thinking activities and guiding the team through a time-boxed agenda.

A poor mix of exercises, as well as an unbalanced schedule, can completely drain the batteries and lead to team disengagement.

A Facilitator needs to understand all the ins and outs of each activity and easily convey their purpose to the team. Clear directions, relatable examples and "how-to" guidelines are part of the job.
How to manage the group dynamics
Getting a group of strangers in a room and following a strict agenda is not enough when you're pushing for effective team collaboration. Opposing opinions, different motivations, skepticism, and powerful personalities can overrule all your groundwork and previous sprint preparation.

Design Sprints are about human-collaboration. And "humans" can collaborate at their best when they are able to build relationships, communicate efficiently, share a common purpose, and feel safe. Building a safe and inclusive environment is again, a job for the Facilitator.
How to share the sprint results
So, you're done with your sprint and ready for the next steps. But getting to the next step is not easy without powerful storytelling, without being able to summarize all your team's key takeaways and learnings.

A Design Sprint Report helps teams keep the momentum going and gain stakeholder support in implementing the results.
Problem Framing Workshop
What's your learning journey?

Our Design Sprint Certification Program teaches you step-by-step how to run a Design Sprint, from problem-definition to problem-solving.

1. Problem Framing Training

A 1-day remote or in-person training to help you define the right sprint challenge, align your stakeholders, and decide on the best business opportunity.

You’ll not only experience the same framework we’ve trained the Google Academy on, but also get access to six different case studies from our client projects to uncover all the different applications of Problem Framing.

Start learning

Join a Problem Framing Course

Learn how to align your stakeholders around a well-defined problem and get the buy-in for Design Sprints.

2. Design Sprint Training

A 2-day remote or in-person training to help you master the Google problem-solving method by running a design sprint and solving a real customer problem.

You’ll play the role of the sprint team member and experience an end-to-end design sprint, as well as the role of the Facilitator and get to guide your team through the exercises and help them achieve results.

Start learning

Join a Design Sprint Course

Learn how to facilitate design sprints like a PRO and ensure your team gets the expected results.

3. Certification Exams

If you have already facilitated a Design Sprint or attended our immersive design sprint courses and feel ready to put your knowledge and expertise to the test all you need to do is pass the exams.

Gain your Design Sprint Master Certificate fair and square by enrolling in our  Theoretical Exam (76 online questionnaires) and a Practical Evaluation (showcase your design sprint).

Take  The Certification Exams

Demonstrate a high level of expertise, gain credibility in front of your clients, and join the elite.

Who get's certified as a Design Sprint Master?

UX Designers, Team Leads & Project Managers

Who want to unlock their team’s potential for creative collaboration every time they need to solve a complex business problem or get their project rolling.

Consultants & Workshop Facilitators

Who want to offer their clients a cost-effective framework for remote solution-building that adapts to their specific needs.

Innovation Managers & Agile Coaches

Who want to empower their teams to thrive and achieve the results their business needs in a fun, effective, and highly-collaborative setting.

Awesome time attending the Problem Framing Workshop at Google today. Great insight into how to increase stakeholder visibility into the biases that draw focus onto solutions instead of true problems.  Shared understanding of the issue(s) at hand really enable teams to focus where it is most needed. Thank you!
Blaize Hite Global Product Manager @Nike
My super high expectations have been exceeded by far. So much more focus, business angle, and a completely new level of prototypes were an eye-opener for me. Next to that, tons of facilitation learnings from guys who have experienced it deep on their skin. Thank you Design Sprint Academy!
Ivan Karacic Senior Business Development Manager @ Deutsche Telekom
Once again, thank you for the Design Sprint workshop you held in Helsinki!Everything went smoothly and I learned a bunch of new tools as well
Lesse Tammilehto Creative Director @Solita
Thank you so much for taking us along with you on a two-day Design sprint journey! It was professionally led, fun to experience, and it provided us with a great framework and new insights to work with. Looking forward to putting this into practice and adding more value to our output as a creative agency.
Rene ten Brink Program manager @Random Studio
DSA team are skilled and experienced innovation practitioners who really know their stuff. They gave me a great grounding in facilitation techniques and design sprint methodology. The quality of their tuition and facilitation and attention to detail in how they present their approach sets them apart. I would happily recommend their services!
Seamus Galvin
Seamus Galvin Innovation Manager @ BSI Group

The Design Sprint Certification program was highly interactive, concise, and very practical.

By far one of the best courses I took!

Ahmed Al-Ali Senior Project Manager @ Prime Minister's Office UAE
Design Sprint Academy is the top-tier quality when it comes to training. Looking forward to implementing the knowledge I gained from the Problem Framing training.
Manolis Papadakis Head of Business Design @ Vivid Vibes
Once again, great stuff guys. Well presented, great structure and flow, and a lot to take home and think about. There’s a lot of value that can be gained from applying the thinking and processes and we look forward to putting this training into action.
Kris Vella Petroni COO & Co-Founder @BRNDWGN